Empress Tutorial: Meridian Tracing

Empress Tutorial: Meridian Tracing

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) employs the meridian tracing technique to encourage the body's qi, or energy, to circulate. TCM holds that the body's qi, which travels through specific channels known as meridians, is in charge of preserving equilibrium and general health. Unbalances in the body's qi flow can result in physical and mental problems. Meridian tracing is a technique for clearing obstructions and reestablishing qi flow in the body, which promotes harmony and wellbeing.

Here is a tutorial from Empress on how to trace meridians:
Choose a peaceful, cozy spot to sit or lie down. If you'd prefer, you can also perform this while standing up.

To calm yourself and find your center, start by taking a few deep breaths.
Choose the meridian you wish to focus on in step 3. The body has 12 primary meridians, each of which corresponds to a different organ or system. For instance, the spleen meridian is linked to the spleen, pancreas, and muscles, while the liver meridian is linked to the liver, gallbladder, and tendons. To choose which meridian to concentrate on, utilize an acupuncture chart or speak with a professional.

Determine where the meridian's points are. There are specific spots along each meridian's journey that can be reached to encourage the flow of qi. By feeling the skin for small indentations or protuberances, these sites can be located. To locate the points, you can also utilize an acupuncture chart.

Use your fingers or a tool, like a little ball or roller, to gently push on the points. To massage the points, you can alternatively move your hands in circles or back and forth. Hold the points for a few seconds while applying hard yet mild pressure.

Keep focusing on the points all the way down the meridian. To increase the results, you can combine meridian tracing with other methods like deep breathing or visualization.

Put the meridian tracing to use by closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and letting yourself unwind.
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It's crucial to understand that meridian tracing is not a replacement for medical care. It's crucial to speak with a healthcare expert if you're having major health problems. Meridian tracing, however, can be a helpful additional strategy for fostering general health and bodily balance.
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